Monday, September 22, 2008


Robert gets to come home for lunch these days and I love it! The challenge is, we have a mini-fridge so we don't keep groceries stocked up. That means we have to come up with a few days worth of meals with just a few groceries. Here's what we came up with.

We bought chicken breast strips, tortillas, Caesar salad mix, ranch dressing and some other things that have nothing to do with this post :-) What did we do with all of this lovely goodness? We put it together.

Using the special seasoning I always use, I smothered the chicken with it, put it in a pan, and cooked the chicken. I also put a capful of liquid smoke in the pan.

After the chicken was cooked, I placed it on a pan on some paper towels to let it dry a little. This is where Robert and I took different directions.

Robert put his salad mix (greens, croutons, Parmesan cheese) on a tortilla, followed by chicken and Caesar dressing.

I put my chicken on a plate with some Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and shredded cheddar and microwaved it until the cheese was melted. THEN I put my salad mix on the tortilla, the chicken and Ranch dressing.

Both of us finished lunch saying, "That was really good!" Try it. Make it your own :-) Make it EASY!

From My Kitchen to Yours, Good Eats!

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