Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New House, New Town, Same Old GOOD Food!

Sorry it's been so long... not that anyone is really reading this, but if you are, I apologize! We moved and in the last 3 months I have barely lifted a finger in the kitchen. It's been sad... and expensive! Sonic is right up the road and oh how I love a chili cheese coney (ex-long!). Anyway, I have a recipe I wanted to share, so I thought, "What else am I doing?"

LAST Saturday (6th), we tailgated for the first time since moving back to Tuscaloosa. It was GREAT. My favorite part of tailgating is the food. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, potato salad, salsa, baked beans... and pulled pork. That's what I'm writing about today. It was the best pulled pork EVER and I made it! I actually had a girl comment, "You made this? I didn't know people could make this...." I guess she was under the impression that it was from a restaurant or something. :-)

Here's what we did -

15 Lbs of pork (we were cooking for 40-50 college students)
Jen's Special Seasoning
2 TBSP Liquid Smoke

Cover the meat with a good layer of the seasoning on all sides and on each side, drizzle some of the liquid smoke. Place the meat in a roasting pan in the oven for 8 hours on 200 degrees... PERFECTION.

I made a homemade BBQ sauce to go on it and that was probably the best part. I'm not sure if I can share that just yet. We are considering bottling it - that's how good it was. :-) Until next time, From My Kitchen to Yours, Good Eats!

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Erin said...

I have been checking in often to see when you would post again. Glad to have you back! I'm so excited that this is about pork. I tried to do this not long ago and it just didn't turn out right. I can't wait to try again with a great new recipe!